'CMT creates: music'

CMT creates: music

'CMT creates: music' is a unique collaboration between artists, musicians and experience with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.  Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) is a hereditary neuropathy that I have and that most people know very little about.  I decided I should be an advocate for raising money for research and, importantly, public awareness of the disease, but I wanted to spread as much fun doing it as possible.

The basic structure of the project is that a group of us promised that for every $500 dollars donated, a new experimental musical instrument would be invented, made and performed.  All of the instruments are being created from reclaimed, recycled or essentially free objects, so that all of the proceeds can be donated directly to the CMTA for their current research program.

There has been an incredible response to this challenge, we have raised over $5000, which means the creation of 10 instruments!  However, the project has greater aspirations than simply raising money.  It is focused around trying to build an unusual community dialogue between people that do and don't know about CMT.  As each instrument progresses in its design, images and writing about the process are posted on the project blog.  Along side these pragmatic posts are personal reflections on living with CMT, as well as information about the science behind the disease.  I'm happy to have a growing number of people wanted to collaborate with me on this project, both in the instrument making and with the writing about CMT.  There are more voices present everyday and a diverse set of views being expressed.

My idea is that the project will leverage the intrigue of making things to engage a very wide audience with the discussion on CMT.  I only invited 100 people to look at the website. So far there have been over 1500 unique visitors from 64 countries with an average visit duration of 6 minutes.  This is entirely due to a great network of support that is spreading out through the internet by personal recommendation.

The instruments have been performed and exhibited in Galleries, Museums, Concert Halls and Music Festivals around the San Francisco Bay Area.


Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz

Meridian Gallery

Oakland Museum of California

Garden of Memory

Bing Concert Hall (CCRMA & Thingamajigs)

Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival,

Vessel Gallery

Oakland Nights! LIVE

SubZERO Festival

Warehouse 4001